July 27, 2009

Tech Camp, Day 1 or Introduction

So, my first post on my first blog. This whole thing was started as part of the Tech Camp for Girls program, of which today is my first day. So far, its been fun. We learned a bit of basics about computers and the Internet, played around a bit, and started this blog. Later on I think we'll be using Google SketchUp. We had that at our school, but I didn't get any instruction in it because our Applied Tech teachers kept leaving or being replaced every few weeks. It was not very productive, and I had more fun in the classes I was taking before.
I turned up at this thing, which is held at the local community college, and guess what: there was someone I knew from school. Sat next to her, talked a bit, and my math teacher showed up with her two daughters. Awkward. Lots of people from out of town, its amazing how people will travel for some of these things.

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