August 28, 2009

What to do with Baby Birds

Today on my way home I found a baby robin. I picked it up, took it home, dried to off (it was raining), fed it, and gave it water.
I looked up what you feed baby birds.
Then I put it back.
That is apparently what you do with baby birds. You should not move them away from where they landed (if they are uninjured). The parents will find it and feed it. You do not need to do anything with it. If you feel obligated to help the bird, make a little nest from a basket and some tissues, then put it in a nearby bush or tree. If it dies, it dies faster than if you had fed it the wrong things and it died from that. If it is injuired, you should take it to the nearest Aubodon society and/or wildlife preservation facility. They know better than you what to do with a wild baby bird (unless you happen to be a liscened wild bird rehabilitator: like Mercedes Lackey.)
So, be careful of wildlife and what you do with and/or to them.
Yes, I did get pictures, and they may show up later.

here's a link for more information:

Also- Important: the parents will not smell you on the baby. Birds have a horrible sense of smell. They are not dogs.

EDIT- Here is a video of the baby robin.

School: The First Week

Its been rather boring. Latin is fun, as is US Government; Art and Geometry are fine, but everything else tends to be just berable. Spent a lot of time filling in forms with the exact same information.
Latin is surprisingly like Spanish. I keep having to remind myself to not say it in Espanol (Hispanica!)
Here's some Latin for you:
Unus 1
Duo 2
Tres 3
Quattuor 4
Quinque 5
Sex 6
Sept 7
Octo 8
Novem 9
Decem 1o
Sale- hello, to one person
Salete- hello, to many people
Vale- goodbye, to one person
Valete- goodbye, to many people
Nomen mihi- My name is...
Quinis nomen tibi?- What is your name?
Siek- yes
Mimime- no
Americana- America
Latina- Latin, not a Mexican citizen

Note: these may be incorrect spellings

Learning grammar is much more fun in Latin class.
So we'll see how the rest of this goes.

August 21, 2009

2 weeks

That's how long its been since I posted. I just realized that. Its a few days till school starts, and I've taken the recent opportunities to good use. Being up to see the sunrise, having a thunderstorm handy today; both great photo opportunities.
Has anyone else who watched the Smurfs gotten annoyed by the little blue guys using "smurf" in an non-noun manner?

Storm and Sunrise

August 8, 2009

Regimental Dress Parade Photos and Videos

This isn't all of the pictures, I didn't label them when I transported them. And the videos are apparently the wrong sort of file type to get uploaded (I can't play them on my computer either). If anyone has a solution to this problem or wants to see more pictures, leave a comment.

EDIT- I got the videos to load! Something like five months after I took them...

Navy Family Day

Today was the day all that cleaning was for! And I think we could have done a little less. So the beginning of today was going to the Regimental Dress Parade. All the new recruits to the Academy turned out for their third dress parade of the summer. The marching band(s) were really good. If you have an opportunity to see one of these bands and/or parades, go. They're really good, and besides; the recruits knock themselves out (literally) to get it right.
No seriously, something in the order of three people passed out on the parade field.
I took pictures and some videos, but I'm not sure if they'll pull up. That's next post.
The plebe we got from Manie's (see previous entries... I think) family came around for food and to check us out. That's why we've been cleaning all week. I got to go to the library afterwards, though, so I feel better about all that work.

Oh, and I found a website I bookmarked and haven't looked at in awhile. If anyone reading this knows about Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage, go read it.

August 5, 2009


All this week has been cleaning. Vacuming, dusting, organizing, sweeping, washing the windows. All to make the house "presentable" for some people who may or may not be coming this weekend. It's very tiring.

August 3, 2009

Three days later...

So, the trebuchets were fun, even though I couldn't really throw much of anything. Yesterday we met the Plebes (first-year Naval Academy students) that we are sponsoring. We've got one from California, and one from Maine. There parents are coming out this weekend to see them and meet us. So a massive house cleaning is in order.