August 8, 2009

Navy Family Day

Today was the day all that cleaning was for! And I think we could have done a little less. So the beginning of today was going to the Regimental Dress Parade. All the new recruits to the Academy turned out for their third dress parade of the summer. The marching band(s) were really good. If you have an opportunity to see one of these bands and/or parades, go. They're really good, and besides; the recruits knock themselves out (literally) to get it right.
No seriously, something in the order of three people passed out on the parade field.
I took pictures and some videos, but I'm not sure if they'll pull up. That's next post.
The plebe we got from Manie's (see previous entries... I think) family came around for food and to check us out. That's why we've been cleaning all week. I got to go to the library afterwards, though, so I feel better about all that work.

Oh, and I found a website I bookmarked and haven't looked at in awhile. If anyone reading this knows about Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage, go read it.

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