August 28, 2009

School: The First Week

Its been rather boring. Latin is fun, as is US Government; Art and Geometry are fine, but everything else tends to be just berable. Spent a lot of time filling in forms with the exact same information.
Latin is surprisingly like Spanish. I keep having to remind myself to not say it in Espanol (Hispanica!)
Here's some Latin for you:
Unus 1
Duo 2
Tres 3
Quattuor 4
Quinque 5
Sex 6
Sept 7
Octo 8
Novem 9
Decem 1o
Sale- hello, to one person
Salete- hello, to many people
Vale- goodbye, to one person
Valete- goodbye, to many people
Nomen mihi- My name is...
Quinis nomen tibi?- What is your name?
Siek- yes
Mimime- no
Americana- America
Latina- Latin, not a Mexican citizen

Note: these may be incorrect spellings

Learning grammar is much more fun in Latin class.
So we'll see how the rest of this goes.

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