July 12, 2010

Abortions, Conditions, and Suicide

"Of course not, I'd go even further and say that we should try to actively decrease the incidences of these diseases. I would abort a fetus if I knew that there was a high probability that it would develop schizophrenia or autism. I don't want to raise an autistic kid, and it would be immoral of me to create a human being who was going to develop a disease that causes such psychic torture that 10% of the people with the disease successfully kill themselves. I also wouldn't care if parents aborted their fetuses to prevent homosexuality because fetuses aren't people. They could abort one for having blue eyes for all I care. "

Posted on the INTJ Forum, under the Is it moral to use abortion to prevent unwanted conditions? thread, by phoboser.

Homosexuality, autism, and schizophrenia are not diseases. You cannot catch them. Therefore, they are conditions. The suicide rate is from psychic torture caused by persecution, not by the condition itself.

The only reason for an abortion is if the parent is unable to care for the child in some way, whether that way be physically, mentally, or emotionally.

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