November 26, 2009

And another response

We are all Misogynists Now.

To quote:
"...merely highlights your particular lack of logical reasoning and cognitive capabilities to refute an argument in a reasonable and intelligent manner.
What many of you people fail to understand is that people who read and contribute to this site are coming from an entirely different perspective. We do not share the same presumptions and rationales that you do. You who have registered your knee-jerk reactions and poured out your emotional-based outrage…you are merely the manifestation of bleating sheeple, following the herd of mainstream society."

So women have a "lack of logical reasoning and cognitive capablities"? Also that this somehow means we cannot "refute an argument in a reasonable and intelligent manner"? Explain, please. You are wrapped up in logical reasoning. So show me your logical reasoning for why women cannot refute an argument intelligently.

Stating now that this guy has a completly valid and sometimes sadly correct point that feminism which consists of insulting other people is not helpful and indeed harmful in many ways.

So far all I have seen is that you say women/feminists have a knee-jerk reaction to apparent misogyny and that you do not like this on a fudamental level, which makes your reaction a knee-jerk reaction to a knee-jerk reaction; furthermore you have already said that knee-jerk reactions are invalid. So therefore everyone's arguments are invalid and therefore no one is thinking at all.
Also: shaming language. So the feminists are using it, you say; and you are comparing them and those who think like them to bleating sheep and Klansmen and Nazis. How is this not shaming language? Shaming language is also apparently invalid, so again, everyone's arguments are invalid.

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