November 16, 2009

First Parish Gorham

I found a wonderful blog today, or at least someone I knew did.
Its called First Parish Gorham, and is the blog of Reverend David Butler, who says of himself:
"I am a non-traditional minister with a passion for social justice, the pursuit of truth and peace, and openness to other points of view (as long as they are open views as well). I am also an actor, writer, and playwright."
One post I really liked, Agnostic Christianity. Go read it.
While you're at it, go visit Senator Olympia Snowe's page. I'm writing a report about her and all her work with bipartisan reform.
Also visit Tamora Peirce's blog; especially if you liked the Girls Read Comics links.

Quotes pulled from various sources:
  • "Faith is the relationship we have with whatever it is that we consider truly transcendent." -Reverend David Butler
  • “Just because we have different views, that doesn't mean that we lack principles.” -Senator Olympia Snowe
  • "Thou art God" -Stranger in a Strange Land; Robert Heinlein

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