October 28, 2009

Dennis Damon and Gay Marriage

Wonderful things happen in New England.

County fairs, lobstering, clambakes, blueberry picking... and the legalization of gay marriage.
Unfortunately, no one hears about it. In fact, the announcement of just the fact that this was going on didn't rate mentioning until page 7 of the newspaper. This should have been, in my mind, on at least page 2 or in the 'what's inside' section in the bottom corner of the front page.
Why, you ask?

Maine is only the FIFTH state to legalize gay marriage. Everyone heard when California failed to pass a similar bill, but no one has heard of how five of the six states to take this step (New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Maine) are all in New England. The only other state is Iowa.

I ask why we hear more of the failures than of the successes.
Any answers?

This, by the way, is the man behind it all: Dennis Damon

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