October 28, 2009

In response to "Science Heroism", since the comment box there didn't work

I completely agree.
Thanks very much for the 'strong female characters', Comics Industry. However, how many of these 'strong females' are strong in mind? Physical strength is all well and good, but how does that help if you can't outhink your opponent?
I also despair at the plight of smart in people in the media. They are
1) geniuses with no social skills whatsoever and therefore laughed at constantly
2) so sarcastic/snarky that no one messes with them
3) out of touch with the rest of the world
4) evil
Why are there no geniuses who have average interpersonal skills who are also polite, social, and irrevocably on the side of good?
There are people like that.

EDIT: for those of you who liked this post, check out the American Association of University Women. In a hugely coincidental event, I found out that a letter from them arrived in the mail after I finished writing this.
EDIT 2: Here's the original article "Science Heroism"

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