October 7, 2009

In the News....

So yesterday, I beleive, I found an article. An article on healthcare reform.
Now this is nothing unusal. Healthcare reform has been all over the news for awhile now. However, it was what they said in the article that really got to me:
"We put a lot of money into this program, and get less results than other countries which put in less money and get good results" was essentially what the part that inspired me to write this post said. Well, there is an answer to that.
Research what they are doing.
Because obviously they are doing something different than you, Government. I'll bet they have a different system. I'll bet they have different ways of doing the same things. I'm sure that Congress has some sort of Research Department, and if they don't then isn't that what aides are for? Or mabye they should do some research themselves (strongly reminded about another article about when Congress had to pass another important bill in the last three months: they held a meeting and had their aides explain it to them, as it was the aides who actually read it). Failing that, why not politley say to the other countries: "We noticed that you have a good healthcare system. We're trying to reform ours, so we'd like to know how you run yours, and why you think it works."
If you're trying to keep face and dignity in tact, guess what: you lost it already. Deal with it, and do this and maybe other countries will go "Hey, they know when need help and aren't afraid to ask for it! Perhaps they aren't a stuck-up superpower after all!"
Just saying.

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