May 26, 2010


I expected this minister to be more... open, I suppose.

Boys will be Boys- Women need to stop tempting men to sexual sin and society needs to be less accepting of this (just the title makes me feel a little sick. I've got a comment pending moderation on this one, so if you never see it, you know why).

Dad: Servant Manager- Wives are to submit to their husbands commands

Mostly it's just these posts and possibly a few others, Love of the Brothers is a good one, but these couple of posts make me even more wary of religion and just how hypocritical it tends to be.
Just makes me uncomfortable to read it and think that these are a minister's views.

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  1. Greetings RavenScholar. I am sorry that my points of view are disappointing to you. While I am sure that we are going to look at some things differently and come to some different conclusions at times, I want to make sure you don't misunderstand my point of view. In Dad:Servant Manager, I expressly said that husbands leadership was not about control, yet your summary here makes it sound the opposite. I equated leadership with servanthood. In my marriage, my wife and I are partners. I do not issue commands. We cooperate. It is true that some Christians try to turn this into man rule instead of man set correct tone. I reject that.
    I posted your comment on Boys will be Boys and tried to respond to it as well.
    I feel that open, respectful communication can be possible, even when we dissent.
    On the point of view that women are to be respected and treated with honor, I think we can agree.
    As for the title Boys will be Boys, the whole point was to hold that saying up to ridicule. I'm sorry if that was lost in translation.