May 6, 2010

A thing more people should know about

The Obama Administration has a Council for Women and Girls.

Why have more people not heard of this? This is the sort of stuff that should be all over the place. I had not heard of this before yesterday.

I can find no reference of "feminist" on the sight anywhere. Has NOW heard of this?

Incidently: some comics for you to check out.
Neil Gaiman is a great writer. His Sandman stuff is more grown up and metaphysical than most comics, so much that it won a literary award (and the panel in charge made a rule so that no comic could ever win again). Read it and contemplate.
I just read his Marvel: 1602 trade. THAT was good. Marvel superheroes, in 1602 Europe/America. Spanish Inquisition and Queen Elizabeth and such. A nice refresher from the "realistic tone" of modern comics.

A good introduction to the comics world: CrazySexyGeeks: The Series (These videos have a tendency to pop up elsewhere)

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