April 1, 2010

My inspired rules. Feel free to follow them if you so choose.

Explanation for this last post.

  1. If you have to think about it twice, don't do it.

  2. Be mindful about your body language.

  3. Act mature and exercise self-restraint.

  4. Don't talk bad about people.

  5. Think of others first.

  6. Share Knoweldge.

  7. Think of consequences.

  8. Use titles, like "Sir", "Mr", "Mrs.", "Ms." and "Ma'am".

  9. Never assume a "Mrs." title.

  10. Success comes at a price. Remember it.

  11. Attempt not to assume; first appearences aren't everything but they are useful.

  12. Cultivate an image you can live with.

  13. At the end of the day, all you are is all you made of yourself.

  14. Play impartiality

  15. Practice integrity, and to maintain it, admit when your views change and why.

  16. Make sure there is good reason behind a change in thought.

  17. Keep perspective.

  18. Set an example.

  19. Goals are little wishes. Know what you want.

  20. Live by your standards.

  21. Step down if you cannot do the job. Admit you cannot do it; and delegate the tasks.

  22. Be flexible in changing your plans.

  23. Research and admit when you do not know what you are talking about.

  24. Be conscious of what you are saying.

  25. Think ahead.

  26. Do not say "uh", "um", or "like" excessively when speaking.

  27. You can take a second to pause when you speak.

  28. Connect information.

  29. Do not use words you do not know the meaning of.

  30. Remember your duties.

  31. Keep responsibility and cupability with your actions and words.

  32. Act and behave with honor.

  33. Public personae can be different from private personae; but do not make them radically different.

  34. Stay honest about your past.

  35. Be careful with your lies.

  36. Power is a means to an end of doing your duty; an ends in and of itself.

  37. Know your bounds.

  38. Try again.No matter how far you go, you can come back. It may just be much harder than it could have been earlier.

  39. Violence can be a solution, but it is an unfavorable one.

  40. "I respectfully disagree."

  41. Be able to argue and anticipate the other parts of a debate.

  42. Read Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" and keep it to heart.

  43. Stay polite in your arguements.

  44. If you must answer a question you are unprepaired for, say "No Comment" or "I polietly decline to answer your question".

  45. If you cannot decide, say polite drivel.

  46. Go where the smart people are going.

  47. Keep intelligent people around you.

  48. Keep good company.

  49. Stay true to yourself.

  50. Keep working.

  51. Collect business cards.

  52. Ask

  53. Say Thank You.

  54. Work on it.

  55. Speak your mind.

  56. Don't use social networking sites; or use sparingly.

  57. Be mindful of what you say and do in public.

  58. Err on the side of apology and ettiqute; as well as politeness.

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