April 4, 2010

So after that

The day after we heard about George Washington and his "Rules of Civility", we went to Mt. Vernon. It's a rather big place. You can go in an see the house, though you can't take pictures; and you can see where the Washington's are buried. Every so often there'll be people in period clothing walking around and they hold talks in the greenhouse about George Washington and his life. All the bulidings are still up and they've got little signs in them to tell about what they are and how they were used. You can't go in the buildings, though. There's also a museum about Washington's life on the grounds and this HUGE giftshop/eating area out front, though we didn't stop at that, we just walked through it. There's a nice view of the Potomac from the front (back?) of the house; the side that has the porch, anyway.
You should go.

Pictures next.

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