April 7, 2010

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled programming

I was looking for an article, and I found things to link.

Students Retain Information In Print-Like Formats Better
I knew there was a good reason I liked books.

What a 21st Century Education Means To You
Something that is actually challenging; and makes sure that people actually learn something. If students do not learn what they need to, they stay back until they have learned it, NO EXCEPTIONS. Also, get rid of standardized testing. It really does no good.

Is the Internet Killing Our Reputations
The thing about reputations and the Internet is that it makes having a good reputation even harder and more important to uphold while making it easier to destroy one. It only takes a little bit of information in the right place to destroy someone nowadays. When so few people can live publicly and keep a reputation, all those who can, in comparison, seem better. But then some right (or wrong) placed words emerge in a place where it is nearly impossible to destroy information; and yet another person goes down the drain.


Symposium on Male Studies at Wagner College
As for my opinion: This whole idea just seems like a stupid attempt to try and make some sort of semblance of “fairness” where one is not needed. Though people should not exclude thinking of males when it comes to planning, organizing, or doing any sort thing in public or private.
I'd probably take this course to see what it's like, though it seems to me that all this is covered elsewhere in discussions on psychology and demographics and such.

Increasing Number Of Parents Opting To Have Children School-Homed
Though The Onion is a satire paper, it hits surprisingly close to home about people's attitudes toward public schooling.

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